Spitting Image

"Mirror Mirror on the wall.. whose the most drop dead gorgeous of them all " - Elvira

When I am not burning my fingertips with my glue gun, I am picking up my drawing pencils, charcoal, Prisma Color colored pencils and chalk pastels. These portraits on this page are shown in the order in which they were created to give a visualization of how my work has progressed over the years. My newest works are shown first.

Fan Art Portraits

I like to express my fan appreciation for the things I love through my portraits and drawings.  I have had the honor of giving my portrait work to many of the people I admire in the industry who have inspired me.

Custom Portraits

I do memorial portraits, children's portraits, and portraits of anyone you love! They make wonderful, one of a kind sentimental gifts!! 

Portrait Prints in Upcycled frames


These are some of my limited edition portrait prints that I put in upcycled frames that I decorated to to match the theme of the art piece. 

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