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In Memory Of Sid

Sid 2004 Flashback Weekend _edited.jpg

Sidney Eddie Mosesian Haig

July 14, 1939  -  September 21, 2019

"You and your artwork are hot shit!" - Sid Haig

When I heard the news that Sid was no longer with us my heart broke, I began to shake and the tears felt like they would never stop falling. Finding the right words to say how special he was to me is hard because he brought so much light into my world. But I wanted to do this tribute page for him because what started as a funny “well shit the bed” fan girl moment in 2004 (photo above) bloomed into a 15 year friendship filled with memories I never would’ve expected. And that was all because he accepted me into his world.
He always believed in my talents and inspired me to keep doing what I love. He gave me advice about life, my health and the ways of the world. He was so gifted and so wise and whenever my husband and I met up with him we would just take in all of his knowledge and words as if it were sacred....because they were. When we were together it felt like time did not pass. We would catch up like old friends over dinner or at conventions and I would literally say goodbye feeling like my soul had been uplifted. Being with him left you hoping that the next time would be sooner than later because he was that beam of light you needed in your life that you wish you had more of.

Not seeing each other face to face regularly didn't stop him from writing or keeping in touch when we were miles apart and when I was going through my multiple serious and scary surgeries he made sure to let me know I was in his thoughts and would check to see how I was doing. The first time he saw me after years of not seeing him due to my recovery he made it be known that I was missed and had a huge hug waiting for me. There was never a time involving Sid that didn't make me feel special. He just had that way of making you feel loved. I can honestly say he filled a void in my life.

When my Uncle also passed away unexpectedly earlier this year and I was having a very difficult time dealing with it Sid sent me these words which now when I think of losing him as well they bring me comfort and inspired me to make this page for him.... 

"Suzie and I are so sorry to hear of your loss. He may not be in body anymore, but as long as you and all who love him remember him, he's never gone. Love from both of us & a gently hug from Yoda" - Sid

So Sid wherever you are in this universe shining down on us I want to thank you again... for everything. You were a rare gem and there will never be another one like you in this world. I am honored to have known you the way that I did. The impact you had on my life I will forever be grateful for you. Every moment we shared I will always hold on to and cherish. Your words of wisdom I will never forget and will take them with me through out the rest of my days. May your remarkable and beautiful soul forever be at peace.

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