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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life"  - Picasso

Henry Rollins Admiring My Portrait
Sid Haig
Sid Haig
Me and George Romero
Kelly Doty Inkmasters Angles
Kelly Doty Ink Masters Promo
Kelly Doty
Soska Sisters
Jen and Sylvia Soska 2
Jen and Sylvia Soska
The Housewife of Horror Show
Housewife of Horror Living Dead Girl Nic
Housewife of Horror Living Dead Girl Nic
Damien Leone Instagram
Julian Terrifier Living Dead Girl Shirt.
Featured in Gore Noir Magazine
Denis O'Hare
Denis O'Hare's Table
Felissa Rose
Butch Patrick's Table
Walker Stalker Con/Chandler Riggs
Elvira Fan Art Post
Sheri Moon Zombie's Website
Nights With Alice Cooper
Emily Beetle House LA
Cathy Beetlehouse LA
Constance Hall
Mutter Museum Instagram
Kimberly Freeman
South Suburban Food Co-op
Strazz Living Dead Girl Nicole Shirt
Amanda Tim Curry Living Dead Girl Nicole
Customer Photo The Crow Portrait by Livi
Nikki's Femme Bathroom With Naturally Born Bad Art
Maggie Tim Curry Pennywise Furter Living
Jen's Sabrina Maybe Today Satan Prin
Happy Customer gifts Friends Til The End Print
Jen Baine Deet Post
Vendor Customer
Vendor Customer
Vendor Customer
Vendor Customer
Raffle Prize Winner
Living Dead Girl Nicole Stickers
Edward Scissorhands Painted Wings
Play Dead Scraps and Zero Painting
Equinox 3 Piece Painting
Jem Pizzazz Cornhole Bags Living Dead Gi
Client Photo - Faced Painting Set
Zombie Cat Dressed for Christmas
Zombie Garland On Client's Tree
Stan made it home safely
Hearse Show Customer
Happy Giveaway Winner!
Tammy's Tattoo
Disney Alice In Wonderland Barrette By Living Dead Girl Nicole
Custom Princess Leia Barrette
Greedo Star Wars Barrette
Greedo Star Wars Barrette By Living Dead Girl Nicole
Custom Memorial Airforce Barrette
Sophie Supporter
Sophie Lancaster Barrette
Sophie Lancaster Barrette
Sophie Lancaster Foundation Barrette
Vendor Customer
Vendor Customer
Vendor Customer
Raffle Prize Winner
Hearse Show Customer
Hearse Show Customer
Kayla 2
Rebecca rocking her barrette at con
Ava's Kitty Cheshire Headpiece
AMB Show Flier on display at venue
Happy Giveaway Winner!
Logo Sticker on Welder Helmet
Mike rocking the logo shirt!
Vendor Button Customers

What people are screaming.... 

Jen and Sylvia Soska

"HOLY POOP!!! This is AMAZING ARTWORK!!!!" (via Tumblr)

Felissa Rose

"Wow! That's amazing!!!! Thank you for your talent!" (via Instagram)

Sid Haig

"Thank you for the shirts and your friendship" (Via Email)

Henry Rollins

"I am glad you had a good time. I hope our paths cross again and thanks again for the art." (via Email)

Sheri Moon Zombie

"Thanks for the drawing and thanks for the awesome pics!!! It was great to see ya!!!" (via Email)

Jen and Sylvia Soska

They are so so SOOO beautiful! Thank you!!!" (via Email)

Kat Von D

"Hey Nicole, Thank you so much for the rad fanart!" (via Email)

Kimberly Freeman of One Eyed Doll

"AhhhhhhHH!!!! I LOVE ITTTttTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait!!! Thank you SO MUCH!" 
(via Email)

Constance Hall

"Beautiful work and craftmanship! This lovely lady was kid enough to send me a custom hair clip that is simply divine! I wear it all the time, her work is fabulous!" (via LinkedIn)

Ilene Roth

"Looking GREAT! You did an amazing job!" (via Email)

Morbidly Beautiful

"We first met the incredibly talented Living Dead Girl Nicole following a contest we held over on our Instagram page asking our followers to tag their favorite small business horror shop. We were flooded with so much love and support for this shop, helping it win in a landslide. It wasn’t just the quality of the many unique handmade products Nicole offers in her shop, or her obvious extraordinary talent, that impressed us so much. It was more how loyal and rabid her fan base was — telling us this is a seller who truly loves her craft and genuinely cares about her customers. It reinforced to us just how much small business matters. So, if you’re in the market for some unique and to die for art, horror decor or accessories, we cannot recommend this shop highly enough." (via the Morbidly Beautiful website feature)

Christine Caprilozzi - Horror News Network

" Your creativity and darkness blends really well to accentuate the feminine side of horror!" (via Email)

Joy Love -

"Nicole has all of the drive, initiative, and thirst for both learning and implementing new ideas that you'd find in any successful entrepreneur. However, her direct and linear approach exists alongside a dynamic creative tendency; a blend of attributes that is painstakingly hard to find in in this business. I consider Nicole to be one of the core strengths of our company in its early days, and there will always be a place for her here as long as she's still having fun doing what she loves!" (via LinkedIn)

Alivia Hunter - Los Angeles Costume Swap

"I genuinely am very lucky and honored to have had the chance to work with Nicole as an artist for Los Angeles Costume Swap. She is friendly, easy to talk to and she asked me questions about my event to ensure that she was providing the right one-of-a-kind piece that would best match my theme and enhance it. Communication with Nicole never lapsed and she brought valuable ideas to the creative table to attract even more customers and clients. Her art is amazing. We received a lot of compliments along with a lot of “ohhs” and “ahhs”  from both children and adults. Her zombie wall hanging was a raffle prize and we had a few disappointed kids (adults and children) that didn't have the winning ticket but one very happy big kid that bounced to the stage to happily get her zombie. I loved working with Nicole, she is all seven top attributes and I sincerely hope that I will have another chance to do in the future." (via LinkedIn)

Matt Wenzel - Cabin 7 Promotions

"There is an inherent energy in her works, the style is captivating and interesting, very detailed and engrossing and even macabre and spooky and mysterious.  In addition to the sheer creativity and artistry - it's all quality work as well. I never like labeling bands, and I don't like labeling artists either, but I think I have a good label for Living Dead Girl Nicole's gallery of works - "multi-faceted with an emphasis on the macabre". (via Cabin 7 Blog Feature)

Infectious Threads

"Nicole is a very talented artist who comes up some very unique ideas and products. Her specialty is super creepy horror-filled masks, dolls, and hair clips. We are very happy to feature her spooky creations in our store. She provides excellent customer service and has great communication skills. She is trustworthy, consistent and reliable. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with her." (via LinkedIn)

Barista Books

"If I had a dark alterego, her name would be Nicole Garcia.  The Marceline to my Princess Bubblegum, she is affectionately known in the Horror community as “Living Dead Girl Nicole” and by night is an artist of many spooky finds. Here are Barista Books we are in love with her art… both wearable and shareable." (via Barista Book Website Feature)

Horror Society

"Drawing, Painting, Sculptures and more… Living Dead Girl Nicole seems to be doing it all. Nicole is an artist from the Chicago area that has been making the macabre since she was a little ghoul. With a vast portfolio of artwork to view, she also blogs about her work as well as the horror genre in general." (via Horror Society Website Feature)

It's On Random

"I first contacted Nicole to request an interview for my own blog/website, to feature her horror art and blog. Nicole is a remarkable artist. I was amazed with the amount of mixed media art she has done and the quality is impressive. Every single picture I came across was original, detailed and had it's own special feeling to it that almost seemed branded by the artist."(via It's On Random Blog Feature)

A Ghoul's Best Friend

"If there is one person who I can say is more horror obsessed than I am, it is this lady! Name a horror film, she has seen it. Horror Con? She's there! Hell! You want a hand drawn portrait of Freddy Krueger, she's your gal!" (via A Ghoul's Best Friends's Blog Feature)

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