About The Dead Girl 

"Nicole for as long as I have known you, you've always marched to the beat of a different drummer.... actually I don't think you hear anyone else's beat.... you make your own" - Rochelle Walters

Photo Art  by Artist Katt Karter

Artist Nicole (Birmingham) Garcia AKA Living Dead Girl Nicole has been doing art since she was a young batling. When asked to describe herself, Nicole will answer you with the quote she is most known for ‘when other little girls wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to be Elvira’. If something is odd or macabre Nicole is drawn to it. She finds beauty in all things dark, spooky and mythical. Aspects of that always come through in her artwork as an extension of herself.


Nicole was the little girl who was using markers to make her Barbie dolls look "different", using crayons to enter coloring contests to win tickets to the circus and wishing she had a little baby brother so Jareth the Goblin King would come and take them away to his castle.


When given an assignment in school she always found a way to make her work stand out from the rest. When all the other kids were doing their drawings on pretty colorful birds, Nicole was doing hers on an owl in mid flight hunting a mouse. She picked up at a young age that art was another outlet for her. She could use it to express who she was and what she loved. Even if it was not the norm. 


Nicole has continued to express herself in all aspects of life from her own personal fashion sense to her artwork. Even as an adult Nicole will tell you that she sees herself as a mixture of Elvira meets Jem. "Give me spooky and creepy with a side of glitter and glam... that's me!" 

Living Dead Girl Nicole was a name that stuck with her thanks to her love for horror and all things that rock. What started as a screen name due to her admiration for Rob Zombie stuck with her when people started to associate her artwork with the name as well. She found it rather fitting as Rob had always been someone that inspired her as an artist. She could relate to his work and it always reminded her that it’s ok to break out of your shell and to continue doing what you love no matter how dark or weird the subject matter is.


Nicole enjoys anything that gets her creative blood flowing. She uses her creativity to work in various mediums and to

support the things she is passionate about. Known for her portraits, wearable Dead Girl Decay accessories and undead zombie creations; she also enjoys photography, desktop publishing and using makeup as an art form. She is also the creator and captain of the Etsy Massacre Team. She created this Etsy Team when she realized there were no other teams on Etsy that catered to artists inspired by the horror movie genre. Since then many new teams have formed but she is proud to say she created the 1st one and gave a voice and inspiration for all fellow creepy creatives out there. 

Nicole was the Promotions Coordinator for the band Axe Man's Bridge and has also teamed up with the bands such as One Eyed Doll and Expired Empire to put creative handmade spin on their merchandise lines. Nicole and her husband are also members of the Hardcore Hearse Club. Since becoming members, Nicole has taken lead at creating the club's website and maintaining it. 

Nicole uses her out-of-the-box thinking and creative skills as a full time Executive Marketing Assistant and when she is not attending and networking at horror conventions  she is often found donating her work and volunteering her time for good causes through benefits, fundraisers, online sales and auctions. Nicole is a prime example that there are no limits to what a creative mind can do even with a touch of magic and the macabre. 

Nicole's biggest artistic inspiration has always been her father Tom Birmingham. Having a father who was an artist gave her a creative edge. When other kids were still learning how to color in the lines, Nicole was asking her father to show her how to shade to make her art stand out. He showed her creativity was limitless and how using things around the house could easily make your work more intriguing (who knew white out could transform into a starry sky). Not only did he help her to advance her skills but most importantly, always believed in her and her talent.

Living Dead Girl Nicole  meeting her artistic inspirations 

Rob Zombie, Tom Savini and CLeve Hall

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