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"Mirror Mirror on the wall.. whose the most drop dead gorgeous of them all " - Elvira

When I am not burning my fingertips with my glue gun, I am picking up my drawing pencils, charcoal, Prisma Color colored pencils and chalk pastels. These portraits on this page are shown in the order in which they were created to give a visualization of how my work has progressed over the years. My newest works are shown first.

Fan Art Portraits

I like to express my fan appreciation for the things I love through my portraits and drawings.  I have had the honor of giving my portrait work to many of the people I admire in the industry who have inspired me.

Tossed Human Salad
2 Dollars And 15 Cents
Maybe Today Satan
Nothing Is Trivial
I Will Carry On Deet by Living Dead Girl
Night On The Town
Gifting to Doug Jones
The Chosen One
Gifting to Kristy Swanson
The Exorcist Was On.
Its Gonna Be That Kind Of Mornin'
Gifting to David Howard Thornton
Chop Driftwood
Gifting to Bill Moseley
Friends Til The End
Gifting to Brad Dourif
Gifting to the Soska Sisters
Yours Cruelly
Gifting to Cassandra Peterson Elvira
Pretty Bitchin
Happy Camper
Gifting to Felissa Rose
Gifting to Lisa Marie
Mommy Weirdest
Kindred Spirits
Well.. Shit The Bed!
Gifting To Sid Haig
I Bind You Nancy
Gifting to Fairuza Balk
Penny Furter
I Am Batman
Wind Blows..Fire Burns.. Water Falls
Hell Have No Fury
Vroom! Vroom!
Gifting to Butch Patrick
500 To 1
It's Too Late For Me
Naturally Born Bad
Invite Me In
Gifting to Deborah Ann Woll
We All Have Our Flaws Kitten
Gifting to Denis O'Hare
Barbie.. Eat Your Heart Out
Genesis 4:7
Gifting to Henry Rollins
The Only One That Saves Me. Is Me.
9 Lives
20 Years Queer
It's Only Forever
I Had Wings Once
It's Go Go Not Cry Cry
Gifting to Rose McGowan
Fink Differently
Doll Face
Sweet Dreams
Gifting to Robert Englund
Bite Me
Gifting to Kristin Bauer
The Power of Christ Compels You
Hanging with Linda Blair
Out By 16 Or Dead On This Scene
Gifting to Katharine Isabelle
Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Birthday Girl
Gifting to Elvira
Amongst The Web of Beauty
What Nightmares Are Made Of
Beetle House LA
Hollywood Babe
The Zombies
Backstage with Sheri Moon Zombie
Howdy Folks
Hanging with Sid Haig
Super Beast
Get Some Go Again
Mad Hatter

Custom Portraits

I do memorial portraits, children's portraits, and portraits of anyone you love! They make wonderful, one of a kind sentimental gifts!! 

Portrait Prints in Upcycled frames


These are some of my limited edition portrait prints that I put in upcycled frames that I personally decorated to to match the theme of the art piece. I like to refer to them as Art framed in Art!

Living Dead Girl Nicole Custom Eleven St
Living Dead Girl Nicole Custom Poison Iv
Maleficent Print In Upcycled Frame
Pee Wees Playhouse Upcycled Frame
Terrifier Art The Clown Blood Splat
Scream Billy Loomis Blood Splatter
Chucky & Tiffany Blood Splattered
Regan Exorcist in upcycled frame
Cherry Darling print upcycled frame
Jareth Labyrinth in upcycled frame
Mina Harker in UpCycled Frame
Ginger Snaps in upcycled frame
Tim Burton print upcycled frame
Maleficent Print In Upcycled Frame
Lily print in upcycled frame
Emma print in upcycled frame
Tiffany in upcycled frame
Elvira in upcycled frame
Poison Ivy in upcycled frame
Freddy in upcycled frame

© Copyright  1999 - 2021, No zombies, monsters, goblins, dragons, gelflings or unicorns were harmed in the making of this site or during the artist's creation process.

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Vroom! Vroom!

Butch Patrick as Eddie Munster in Hot Rod Herman - The Munsters drawn in pencil and charcoal