I bust out the paintbrush from time to time.. I like to use acryllic as my medium of choice because even though blood is cheaper it would probably result from something illegal or emo. Here is a sampling of some of the various types paintings I have done.


You can see more things I have painted on the Remains page!


Edward's Wings
Commission piece of Edward Scissorhands on wooden angel wings
Play Dead
Commission piece of Scraps from The Corpse Bride and Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas
3 Piece Oversized Autumn Landscape Painting(s) done for client's home. Middle painting is 48" W x 60" L and side paintings are 36" W x 60" L
Be Wise. Be Brave. Be Tricky.
Coraline commission painting done for a client's niece.
Harley Quinn
DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn painting done for little girl's room
It's Showtime Synergy
Jem and Pizzaz painting
Owl Nursery Set
3 piece owl paintings done for girl's nursery room
Monster Faced Painting Set
5 Piece Painting Set - Featuring the likeness of Universal Monster facial features. Meant to be hung together to form a unique spin of a "face"
Faced Painting Set
4 Piece Painting Set - Meant to be hung together to form a unique spin on the human "face"
Animal Train Nursery Set
Set of 4 paintings done for little boy's nursery room
Jack and Sally Nursery Set
Nightmare Before Christmas nursery paintings
Living Dead Girl Sign
Living Dead Girl Freak Show sign used of Circus themed party
Owl On Cemetery Gates
owl perched on cemetery gates painting
Sylvester Cat Painting
Pet painting of Sylvester the cat
Murphy Dog Painting
Painting of Murphy a long haired dachshund.
Hello Kitty Wall Hanging
Hello Kitty Painted on board and turned into a wall hanging
Lock Stock and Barrel Window
Nightmare Before Christmas Window Painting
Winter Fairy
Seasonal Fairy Paintings
Autumn Fairy
Seasonal Fairy Painting
Spring Fairy
Seasonal Fairy Paintings
Summer Fairy
Seasonal Fairy Paintings
Fairy on Wood Panel
Fairy painted on wood wall panel
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Summer Fairy

Seasonal Fairy Paintings