Dead Girl Decay

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde

I love creating unique items you can use to make your style one of kind!! This is a mix of photos that show just a glimpse into the various accessories and wearable art that I have made.

Star Studded

These are custom accessories I have made inspired by some of my favorites artists, musicians and actresses. 

They have been given to such stars as Kimberly Freeman, Constance Hall, The Soska Sisters, Scout Taylor Compton and Kelly Doty.

Skullerfly and skelefly

These are some of the skullerfly and skelefly accessories I have made. This includes some custom made to order pieces by people who loved my original designs.

Bridal and Burlesque

These are some of the Til Death bridal hair pieces and burlesque style accessories I have made. Some have been custom made for brides looking for something unique for their special day and others are pieces I made inspired by brooches and other fun vintage finds.

Custom Themed Decay

These are some of the horror, sci fi, fantasy and misc custom themed accessories I have made. This includes visions I have come up with from the things I love as well as custom pieces clients have commissioned me to make for them. 

Creepy Critters

I love creepy little critters which is why they have inspired so many of my accessories.

Mummy & Me

These are some of the matching sets I have made specifically for stylish Mom's and daughters.


These are some of the fun pieces I have made for babies and children. There is no age restrictions when it comes to what I can create. I actually really love making these and showing young ones how fun it is to be different!

Portrait Decay

These are pieces I have made that were created from miniature prints of the portraits I have drawn.

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Dead Girl Massacre Decay Line